The Origin Story & the Future

Mexican and Queer founder, Alfonso Gonzalez, wanted two things more than anything — to express his inner creative passion and share all of the beautiful creations Mexico has to offer with his local community and the United States. In 2021 he moved to Oakland, CA and found himself mesmerized and inspired by the heart, entrepreneurial spirit, and grit of artists and makers at local vendor markets. He quickly noticed that there were very few Mexican owned businesses at the numerous vendor markets he shopped at and saw an opportunity that he could not pass – to be the change he wanted to see and increase representation of his culture. He was excited to curate and source Mexican products for his shop with his conscientious hands and eye for design. However, he was most excited to CREATE and launch a collection of Mexican inspired products, the first of which – the now famed Jarrito candle. 

Alfonso’s dream is to open a retail space in the future to continue his mission to express his passion for culture and art. He is excited to one day provide opportunities to other makers to showcase their work in his retail space.