Learn how to play "Toma Todo" with a Pirinola - A Traditional Mexican Game

The traditional Mexican game "Toma Todo" has been played for decades. It's popularity can be attributed to its simplicity and ease to play - you only need a "pirinola" and some spare change or nuts (or any item of your choosing) to play!

Two or more players are needed to play this game. To begin the game, all players must place a coin, nut (or any item of your choosing) in the middle of a table. Then players take turns spinning the pirinola. The first player (chosen at random) spins the pirinola and then reads the action phrase out loud on top of the pirinola, and completes the action. The action phrases are: Pon 1 (Place 1), Pon 2 (Place 2), Toma 1 (Take 1), Toma 2 (Take 2), Toma todo (Take everything). At the end of the game the player with the most coins, nuts (or items) wins! The end of the game can be pre-determined by a certain number of spins i.e. 15 spins or you can play until everyone is done playing. People can leave the game at any time, however, to join the pot in the middle must be empty for fairness. 

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